HGH Deficiency Diagnosis

HGH deficiency diagnosis

Human growth hormone (HGH) deficiency syndrome should be given more attention and interest by many people. Because of misinformation, people often think that HGH deficiency only affects children. However, contrary to popular belief, it affects both adults and children, and because most people are not informed about it, it is often left untreated.

What’s tricky about HGH deficiency is that they symptoms are very vague. It hits your physical, mental, and even psychological aspects, so there is always a tendency to think that these symptoms are not related to each other. For instance, when you have HGH deficiency, you will feel drained, and at the same time, you might have poor memory and concentration. While this all is happening, you might have bouts of anxiety or even feel depressed for a long period of time. If you go to a regular doctor to have this checked, they might also not see the connection.

As such, it is important for you, as the patient, to be aware of the deficiency so you can ask for growth hormone deficiency diagnosis yourself. This way, your doctor can conduct the appropriate diagnosis or refer you to the right doctor.

Growth hormone deficiency: Adults Diagnosis

What causes Human growth hormone deficiency, anyway? To understand the growth hormone deficiency age diagnosis, you have to understand how you develop the deficiency.

Adults who do not acquire growth hormone deficiency at birth most likely developed it due to damaging the pituitary gland in various ways. HGH is secreted by the pituitary gland, so if the said gland is damaged, your body will have a hard time secreting the much-needed hormone. As such, growth hormone deficiency age diagnosis would look at your pituitary glands. It will look if it is working by simulating body responses and see if your body responds normally.

Keep in mind that some tests might differ from adults to children. Your growth hormone deficiency adults diagnosis might discover that you have damaged the tissue of your pituitary gland either through radioactive therapy or childbirth for women. This is important so you know exactly how you should be treated.

After the diagnosis, you will most likely be prescribed to start your human growth hormone therapy, prompting you to purchase HGH in various forms. This will depend on your doctor’s prescription for your specific case.

What you need to know about Diagnosis

In order to know if you have HGH deficiency, the growth hormone deficiency adults diagnosis starts off with a series of tests. The very first thing you are bound to have is a physical exam, which is typically a standard protocol for any disorder.

They physical exam will assess your weight, height, and body. This is important because growth hormones are supposed to help build muscles, so this should show the first few signs of the deficiency. Further testing will be in the form of blood tests, an MRI, hand x-rays, head x-rays, and dual energy x-ray absorptiometry.

If you think you are in danger of having HGH deficiency, then it is time to undergo a growth hormone deficiency adults diagnosis. It is highly suggested that you find an expert on this because despite the fact that there are a lot of information on HGH deficiency, you may have different causes and reflect various symptoms. As such, it is important to refrain from doing a growth hormone deficiency diagnosis on your own.

What kind of doctor can diagnose HGH deficiency?

First off, you have to look for a doctor who can do a growth hormone deficiency age diagnosis. This is a specialized treatment so it is important to go directly to a doctor who is licensed to do this and who has an impressive background on diagnosing such a disorder. For this, you have to find yourself an endocrinologist as they are the ones who should be specializing in disorders pertaining to the pituitary gland. After the diagnosis, your doctor should also start with the appropriate growth hormone therapy to reverse the effects of your growth hormone deficiency.

If you find it difficult to look for a doctor who can do this, do not worry. We can help you with that. You can find a good doctor in our directory near you. You can even get a doctor’s consultation for free if you think you need it now.