HGH Deficiency Symptoms

HGH deficiency symptoms

Human growth hormones (HGH) deficiency can happen to everyone, and what is really difficult is that only a few people are aware that it is real and it is a threat. It also does not help that HGH deficiency symptoms in adults are hard to detect, and even doctors have a hard time identifying the disorder.

HGH deficiency is often times seen in children, but adults are not spared from it. But it is still important to be vigilant if you show human growth hormone deficiency adults symptoms because HGH is important.

Naturally secreted by our pituitary glands, human growth hormones are responsible for the development of our bodies, which explains growth spurts that we experience when we cross puberty. Once we grow older, growth hormones still do work by strengthening our muscles and bones, making them heal faster, and ensuring our cognitive capabilities are still working perfectly.

Growth hormone deficiency symptoms adults start to show when your pituitary gland fails to produce enough growth hormones to support your entire body. But because not a lot of people know what HGH deficiency, only a few people can connect the symptoms to the root cause.

Growth hormone deficiency symptoms

There is a wide list of growth hormone deficiency symptoms, which is why it is a lot harder to diagnose compared to other disorders. It is quite alarming because some people have allowed this to be left untreated or even mistreated precisely because growth hormone deficiency is not quite as popular as the other disorders that show the same symptoms.

So how exactly can you find out if you have the deficiency aside from the HGH deficiency symptoms in adults? If doctors already have suspicions that you might have the disorder, or if you request it yourself, you will be subjected to an insulin tolerance test.

The insulin tolerance test is a way to see if your body is producing growth hormones. You will be injected with insulin to lower your blood sugar levels. Your body would usually produce growth hormones when that happens, so it simulates the same effect to see if your body responds normally. If your body fails to do so, then it means you have the disorder.

There may be an unpleasant feeling when you take this test, but there’s nothing to worry about since it will not last long. In case it does, it can be reversed by giving you glucose. This will not, in any way, affect the results of the insulin tolerance test.

List of HGH deficiency symptoms

As mentioned, there are many symptoms of HGH deficiency as it affects the whole body. Here is a list of symptoms that are commonly observed among patients who are suffering from it:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Poor memory
  • Lack of concentration
  • Decrease in energy levels
  • Irritable
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Lack of motivation
  • Overall pessimistic attitude
  • Osteoporosis
  • Blood/blood circulation irregularities
  • Increase in body fats

Apart from this list, there are actually a whole lot more symptoms of HGH deficiency. We have mentioned that it affects the whole body, as seen in the list. You will notice that aside from the physical aspect of your body, your mental and psychological capacities are also affected. It is a wonder that not a lot of people are familiar with the disease given that it transcends different aspects of a person, making it a very dangerous disorder.

You will also notice that the list includes symptoms that can be related to more well-known disorders, so you can see how challenging it is to really diagnose the disorder. But it is possible, with the help of licensed doctors who specialize in growth hormone disorders. They are very familiar with HGH deficiency symptoms in adults, and they can let you know if you have it or not.

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It is important to get the advice of doctors who specialize in such fields because their familiarity with the disorder can help you give an accurate assessment if you actually have the disorder or not. In addition, the doctor can give you a prescription, which you will need when you start your growth hormone therapy and purchase HGH for your disorder.

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