HGH Deficiency Testing

HGH deficiency testing

If you ever feel like something is different with how your body works, it is time to go to the doctor. While you think, this is a normal thing to do, you, as a patient, also have to know that what you have is probably not a very common or widely-known disorder.

Maybe you have felt more tired than usual for the past few weeks, even though you try your best to sleep on time or conserve your energy. Maybe at work, you have a hard time concentrating. Maybe you keep losing your keys or your wallet because you keep forgetting where you placed them. Maybe you have felt the lack of motivation, finding it a bit strange that you are having difficulty getting out of bed for work.

Some people will say all these things are normal because we all grow old. You might even be told that you are probably just too stressed, and it is finally showing. Growth hormone deficiency tests adults often discard as redundant. But what we think you should do is to get these hgh tests because you might have growth hormone deficiency.

Growth hormone deficiency is the incapability of your pituitary gland to secrete a sufficient supply of human growth hormones, which are responsible for the growth, development, and strengthening of muscles, bones, and other parts of your body.

There is approximately one out of 10,000 people who have HGH deficiency, and it is alarming that there are a lot of people who have it but the deficiency is not widely-known. We actually think that more people should have themselves undergone an HGH deficiency testing to reverse effects as soon as possible.

Growth hormone deficiency testing

If you have suspicions that you have growth hormone deficiency, then it is the wisest decision to undergo a diagnosis. There are actually different growth hormone deficiency tests adults know little about. This variety is important just to ensure that you have the disorder, considering that, although there are many people who have it, it is still not very common to have your pituitary gland damaged.

HGH deficiency testing starts with a series of tests in special growth hormone deficiency labs. You start off with a physical exam to check body proportions as it is the most obvious effect of lack of HGH. This is mostly done on children, but this is also sometimes very important for adults. Next, growth hormone deficiency test results will be acquired from what we call growth hormone testing. This is done to evaluate the performance of the pituitary gland.

A part of this process includes injecting you with insulin to see if the body responds normally to it. Any abnormality will be part of the growth hormone deficiency lab results. But there are many more factors doctors take into consideration, and there are still many forms of testing to ensure they get an accurate diagnosis of your HGH deficiency, including the causes and how to remedy the symptoms.

You have to take note, however, that tests can’t just be done in one sitting. Sometimes it will take time because secretion of growth hormones is done in cycles. This will, however, still depend on the testing process.

Growth hormone deficiency labs results

To achieve accurate growth hormone deficiency test results, there is a certain consideration to consider. For instance, for the blood test, you have to fast for 10-12 hours before they can take blood from you. These are also drawn from you in different intervals due to the cycles of the body. Usually, to test the response of the pituitary gland, doctors use arginine, but there are some cases where glucagon and clonidine are used.

For more growth hormone deficiency lab results, you can be subjected to a GH suppression test which checks if your pituitary gland can effectively suppress glucose and an IGF-testing. These will help check if you have a tumor in your pituitary gland.

Doctor that can help to treat Growth Hormone Deficiency

Because you may have various HGH deficiency causes and symptoms, your doctor will decide what kind of HGH deficiency testing to take to make sure that growth hormone deficiency test results are accurate.

To have yourself checked and diagnosed, you can approach your nearest, most trusted endocrinologist. You may check our directory of top-rated doctors who specialize in HGH deficiency so you can have yourself checked as soon as possible and get accurate results.